About the Event

The Swim 

The swim is approximately 1k swim (against the tide.) 

The race will start from the beach immediately to the east of the derelict West Pier. You will swim out from the beach between a line of kayaks / canoes and the West Pier. Turn left around the last kayak or buoy and head towards the Brighton Palace Pier. As this turn marker is a fair distance from the shore, the bunching of swimmers at the turn should be minimized. The referee will confirm these points and brief you regarding the finish line. 


A chip, a numbered coloured cap and felt tip (on skin!) numbering will be given to you on check in. This will identify you as an official entrant and also enable boat handlers to see you easily. If you require to be taken from the water during the race please signal to the nearest craft to you by raising your hand. 


The race terminates at a 3m length finishing boom which will be suspended from the Brighton Palace Pier. Swim to, and touch the boom. Swim under the boom NOT OVER IT! 


Swim through the pier and turn left down to the beach. Traditionally you would exit the swim on the step at the back of the pier but due to covid this year is now a beach finish. You will swim back to shore and finish outside the Brighton swimming club arch where you will be greeted by a marshall for you to give in your chip and race number.


If you leave the water before finishing please ensure that the recorders on the beach are advised as soon as possible. 

Only official boats or kayakers are permitted to accompany swimmers. 

The prizegiving will take place on the beach to the west/east of the palace pier at the completion of the race, at approximately 90 minutes after the start. Please ensure if you can, that you stay for your trophy/prize

If postponed, the race will be held on Saturday 10th July or 24th July at approx 11.30 am. All instructions given also apply to postponement date.

The race will be postponed if boats cannot be launched because of rough sea. If weather predictions are severe cancellation will be 48 hours before, if it’s changeable conditions,  we will make the call 24 hours before. An e-mail confirming or cancelling the swim will be sent to all entrants.

 The race organiser reserves the right to remove swimmers from the water after 1 hour on safety grounds. Safety craft will be on duty for a limited time. 

Due to the current climate we will host the event as a staggered start (to ensure covid compliance) rather than the traditional mass start so swimmers will be shown off in groups of 10-20 and within their waves.

Event merchandise will be available from the club shop soon. Look out for updates on our social media platforms.