“The Pier to Pier Race is really unique. Brighton and Hove is known around the world as an exciting seaside city with a great cultural history. From my experience it always makes people smile whenever you mention it – wherever you are! Taking part in a a sea swimming race between two iconic piers with such a famous city on the shoreline is very special indeed! I don’t know anywhere else in the world this happens.”

P.S – Swimmer

” I take part in the Brighton Pier to Pier swim for many reasons. Each year the race is a different, the competitors are different, the sea temperature is different, the weather is different and the wind is different – but one thing that is never different is the warm welcome from all the members of Brighton Swimming Club. After we have finished our swim they welcome us and celebrate our achievements. It’s a fantastic day out by the sea and I love it love it love it.”

N.M-C – Swimmer

“This will be my fourth year competing in the Pier to Pier. As a competitive pool swimmer I really enjoy the chance to race in a different environment, and the whole event has a great community feel as it brings together swimmers from all disciplines and of all abilities.”

H.P – Swimmer

“The Pier to Pier is my favourite race of the year, because even though it’s competitive there is always a fun and friendly atmosphere. No race is the same, which keeps it exciting and there is nothing better than spotting friends and family on the pier at the finish.”

R.B – Swimmer

“Two things never change on race day, regardless of how many Pier to Pier races you’ve done. A touch of nerves on the start line and the desire to keep pace with someone zipping past you during the race. I was lucky enough to win my first two years in the race, so the keeping up with the ‘zipping past’ swimmers was something I had to learn, to my cost, in later years”

J.S – Swimmer

“I always associate Pier to Pier day with a sunny day in Summer. Always a nice crowd, friendly faces and a good atmosphere. Some old regulars turn up every year to enjoy the occasion.”

M.E – Swimmer